Communities & Education: I support strong (safe) schools, communities, good paying jobs, tax breaks for small businesses, lower tuition costs for students, safe zones for our kids, apprenticeship programs for unemployed individuals, and a robust transportation system.


Opioids and Drugs: I support a very comprehensive statewide and county plan to ensure that we attack this deadly problem at its head. Our kids and citizens are too important to ignore this epidemic that is sweeping many counties and states unlike every before!

Healthcare: I support improving The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “Obamacare.” In my opinion it is not perfect but no citizen of this great state should have go broke just to get well! 


Medicaid: I am in favor of expanding Medicaid throughout North Carolina as needed. All citizens should have access to healthcare.


Medicare: I am a strong advocate for seniors and good healthcare. I support a bipartisan effort to strengthen Medicare for years to come. 


Military: I am a strong advocate of the military, military families, and veterans. I believe that America is at her best when our military is strong and capable of rapid deployments within a safe and timely manner. I m not in favor deploying large number of troops to any area unless it is absolutely necessary. I believe that our interests are better served with smaller, faster, lethal units that can get in and out of an area of operation within a prescribed timeframe.  Finally, I do not favor Congress cutting benefits for our troops, retirees, or veterans as a political maneuver or game.


Veterans: I support an improved Veterans Administration (VA) Claims Process -- some of our veterans have been waiting for more than two years for a decision on their claims. I do not think that it is right or fair to ask our men and women to serve this great nation during peacetime, leave their families, go to war and when they get out make them wait years to receive an answer on their claims for benefits. 


Social Security: I believe that Congress needs to act sooner rather than later on the question surrounding the solvency of the Social Security Trust Fund (2033). If the fund does not have enough money, then Congress needs to act quickly to ensure that the fund is solvent for years to come without partisan bickering. If necessary, Congress should start a new improved social security program (trust fund) for younger individuals.


Voting Rights: I believe that the U.S. Congress should intervene to ensure that all citizens in all states have a right to vote in all federal, state, and local elections without interference from State Governors and Legislatures.


Unemployment Insurance: I do not favor North Carolina Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program. I think that it is completely wrong to cut UI payments from $535.00 (maximum of fifteen weeks) to $350 (maximum of twelve weeks). Benefits can be paid in most states for a maximum of 26 weeks. 


Ernest T. Reeves, December 27, 2019

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3013 Noah Court, Greenville, NC 27834

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