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How to help:

Spread the word via word of mouth, cell phones, internet, and social media.

Donations: I'm asking for small donations of $25, $50 or $100.00. Donations are not tax deductible. Please send checks or money orders to the following address:


Ernest Reeves For Congress 

425 Cheltenham Drive

Greenville, NC 27834



All checks and money orders: Must have the following information on them and can't be made from a business account, a foreign national (Green Card exception) or non-U.S. citizen.  Any contributions received outside of the Federal Election Commission (FEC) guidelines will be returned: Name, Profession, Company, Phone Number, and Address.


The maximum amount allowed by law in 2022 is $2,900 per individual. 


Thank you!


Ernest Reeves

Candidate For Congress 2022

Republican, 1st District, North Carolina

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